OpenBazaar is an open source network and relies on the collaboration of our community to grow. Here are some of our development partners.

OpenBazaar marketing platform
Adahoy is a peer-to-peer marketing platform, which will serve OpenBazaar merchants and their affiliate partners as a gateway to Ethereum-based smart contracts. These contracts enable immediate commission settlement and better level of transparency without the need for trusted third parties.
OpenBazaar search engine
BazaarBay is an OpenBazaar search engine which currently indexes listings from OpenBazaar network vendors. BazaarBay is a search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu. BazaarBay isn’t a web shop / store. We do not create or host content for clients / stores, nor sell or buy anything. BazaarBay does not select or filter the content available on OpenBazaar network. Just as other Internet Service Providers do not provide, select or host the content accessible on the Internet by their users.
OB1 Deploy
Simple OpenBazaar Cloud Hosting
OB1 Deploy is the simplest way to deploy an OpenBazaar store to the cloud. Setup and deploy a node in a few clicks. It will run 24/7 and will cost about $5 per month to keep running.
Duo Search
OpenBazaar search engine
Duo Search is a search and discovery tool for OpenBazaar 1.0. It is ‘the Google of OpenBazaar’. Find listings, vendors and moderators right from your web browser.
Entropy Market
OpenBazaar on the web
Entropy Market is a multiclient OpenBazaar platform where you can change, sell and buy whatever you need. With Entropy Market your store is online the 24 hours a day for free and you can buy products from anywhere within the marketplace.
OpenBazaar on the web
Mubiz allows you to buy and sell products on OpenBazaar through the convenience of a website. It was the first European e-commerce website on OpenBazaar thanks to the acceptance of the CB payments and the translation of the pages. Created in Nov. 2015, the company has 3 employees and published the beta version of the site in September 2016.
OpenBazaar risk contracts
RiskBazaar allows any two individuals to enter into a contract that pays out if a specified future event occurs–for free and within seconds. Be prepared to think about risk in a completely different way!
Raw Flood
OpenBazaar browser search
Raw Flood is a simple listing and vendor explorer meant to show newcomers all the products available on OpenBazaar.