Due to overwhelming response the BCH giveaway promotion is now closed as of 8am CST Saturday, February 10th. We are working through sending payouts for existing submissions so your patience is appreciated!

Bitcoin cash

To celebrate the launch of Bitcoin Cash and Zcash (Beta) integrations on OpenBazaar last week we are doing something fun!

This week we will be giving away $10 in Bitcoin Cash to users who set up a new BCH node on OpenBazaar.

Here’s how to claim yours:

First, start a Bitcoin Cash node on OpenBazaar! Here’s how:

Next, tag @OpenBazaar in a tweet including these 4 things:

  • Your OpenBazaar Peer ID
  • Your BCH wallet address
  • The hashtag #OpenBazaarBCH
  • A screengrab of your home page

OpenBazaar BCH Giveaway Tweet Example

Here’s the copy that you can select and fill with your own information to enter! Just make sure to also add your screengrab to the tweet:

Hey @OpenBazaar, I want my $BCH! My Peer ID is ob://QmSkkZpNFzWubxE4p9Ejjo2CLqq61jxuRF26ZzCmCKaHcJ and my OB BCH wallet is bitcoincash:qqt0cgqnaypju2h2mu8awg40er3yuys2j50qvpkpgd #OpenBazaarBCH

Tweets that do not include ALL FOUR of these items will be considered invalid. Contest runs from 9am CST Wednesday, February 7th until we announce the end on Twitter. Coins will be sent manually so please allow for up to 24 hours for receipt of your coins. One entry per user. Recently created Twitter accounts that appear to be auto-generated or spam will also be disqualified.

Need help finding your BCH wallet?

Find Your BCH Wallet Address in OpenBazar

Do you want to help build this with us?

Download OpenBazaar right now to get buying or selling in minutes or join us on Github to contribute to the development of this open-source project!

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