OpenBazaar 1.1.13 Update


We have released our latest 1.1.13 update to address connectivity issues some of our users have reported recently and to note some additional functionality added.

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue where the API called to get the list of currencies in onboarding was no longer valid has been fixed. This solves the issue where users were blocked from completing onboarding unless they waited for the API to time out.
  • A layout issue was fixed with onboarding title bar text overflowing
  • Thumbnails were adjusted so they are always square
  • The moderator search in the store setup wizard works again

Functionality Changes:

  • A social sharing system was added. On the first time the client is started, a panel with social sharing buttons will appear. Once clicked or dismissed it does not appear again. The social sharing links are also always available from the about/support tab and this tab can be easily accessed from the navigation menu option “Post About OpenBazaar”.

If you encounter difficulties with this release please check out our community and support channels for help!


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