This is the second release according to our new schedule of publishing releases on a two week sprint cycle. As a reminder, these releases are for developers and those looking to test only; the product is not ready for real transactions yet!


Yesterday we released a new developer release – version 2.0.2 – of OpenBazaar. Here is a brief overview of the new features available:

Back End:

Most of the recent work was dedicated to wallet stability.


OpenBazaar 2.0.2 Developer Release Wallet Screengrab


Front End:

The following improvements were made to the wallet interface (*Note that the wallet is not yet functional and shouldn’t be used to send money):

1. Shows the current balance in the wallet
2. Shows the number of transactions in the wallet (WIP)
3. Non-functional, unfinished Send Money panel
4. Non-functional, unfinished Receive Money panel
5. The current price of bitcoin in your fiat currency is shown


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