This is the third release according to our new schedule of publishing releases on a two week sprint cycle. As a reminder, these releases are for developers and those looking to test only; the product is not ready for real transactions yet!

Yesterday we released a new developer release – version 2.0.3 – of OpenBazaar. Here is a brief overview of the new features available:

Back End:

  • We’ve done some housecleaning, making the code more consistent and robust.
  • The ability to use images for variants was added. This is not yet supported in the reference client.
  • An API was added to get an estimate of the fee for a transaction.
  • An API was added to get the estimated total for a transaction.
  • Accepted currency was added to the moderator information.
  • The listing format was updated to return an object instead of an array.
  • Endpoints were added to get the avatar and header of a user via their peerID.

Wallet in Version 2.0.3 of OpenBazaar

Front End:

  • Search has been added to the reference client. It defaults to use the OB1 search service (this can be changed in the user’s settings).
  • The wallet can now send and receive funds. Make sure to set your node to use the testnet if you use the wallet.
  • The wallet will show a list of your transactions now.
  • Various bugs were fixed.


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