Note: This blog post is outdated. Read this article for the latest code. Since the project began in April, the number of people contributing to the OpenBazaar project has steadily grown. We now have enough people to create small teams dedicated to specific areas. These teams will allow the project to focus on areas that are important, and not duplicate efforts. This team creation has already been occurring spontaneously, but we’ve decided to make it more formal as we keep developing the platform. It’s likely that these teams, their mission, and their members will change over time as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. As the project lead, Brian Hoffman will work with these teams to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Each team has their own mission, and the core mission of OpenBazaar is “To enable global free trade online.” We’ve identified 11 areas we want to have teams focusing on;

  1. Code Quality
  2. Design & UX
  3. Legal
  4. Marketing
  5. Networking
  6. OB Developer Network
  7. OB Labs
  8. Operations & Recruiting
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Security
  11. Windows

Code Quality

The code quality team will facilitate long-term open source development, and make contributions a learning experience. The team is led by Renelvon.

Design & UX

The design and user experience team will ensure that using OpenBazaar is simple and visually appealing. The team is led by Mike Wolf.

The legal team will research and consult on legal issues surrounding OpenBazaar developers and users. This team is still being built.


The marketing team will promote OpenBazaar and work to ensure the public and media have a true understanding of what OpenBazaar represents. This team is still being built.


This networking team will research, build, and maintain the technical underpinnings of the OpenBazaar network. This team is led by Angel Leon.

OB Developer Network

The OBDN team will maintain a platform that allows a community of OpenBazaar developers to share, collaborate, and implement new ideas. This team is led by Braden Glasgow.

OB Labs

The OB Labs team will design and guide development of new market implementations into the OpenBazaar protocol. This team is led by Dr. Washington Sanchez.

Operations & Recruiting

The operations and recruiting team will give the OpenBazaar project the people and resources necessary to fulfill its mission. This team is led by Sam Patterson.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance team will ensure the OpenBazaar platform and client are functioning as designed for users. This team is led by Sam Patterson.


The security team will enable users to trade securely and with confidence, even with strangers. This team is led by Dionysis Zindros.


The Windows team will make it easy for Windows users to use OpenBazaar. This team is led by Giannis Adamopoulos.

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