Summary: Released 1.1.10 update featuring ShapesShift’s Shifty Button allowing buyers to use Ethereum, Zcash or any of a variety of other cryptocurrencies in OpenBazaar stores and continued refinement of Milestone 1 work in version 2.0. Read more about the release here. Milestone 1 means the application is ready for basic testing of some core features like the following:

  • Users can download and install the client and server from github, and use it to fill in their profile, store info, and post listings
  • The network can host listings, stores, and user profiles
  • Users can follow and unfollow

  OpenBazaar 1.1.10 Released - Purchase with Ether, Monero and More Via Integration  

Current Version

  • Version 1.1.10 released


Front End:

  • Continuing to refine the design & functionality for Milestone 1

Do you want to help build this with us?

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